Faces of Civic Leaders: Kurt Kohler


“I’m excited to go to Greece [with the Civic Leaders Center] – mostly visiting the historic sights. I’ve been a huge history nerd, but since my main focus has been on the natural sciences, I don’t have a whole lot of time to take history classes. I’m excited to see all these sights that I’ve read about.” — Kurt Kholer, Civic Leaders Center student, Biochemistry major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Maritza Castaneda


“My oldest sister, who’s now graduated, was a founding member of Alpha Sigma Alpha [at Indiana University]. I was really open to being in an unhoused sorority because she had such a good experience with it. Having my sister as a role model has helped me make different choices in college. Now that I’m a member, we won the [Greek Assessment and Awards] Chapter of Excellence for 2016, which is kind of like the Oscars for Greek life. My sister was really excited to hear that and hear how this community has really evolved.” — Martiza Castaneda, Civic Leaders Center student, Nonprofit Management major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Jesse Sasser


“I feel like when you meet people in Civic Leaders you can really see where they’re from. Everyone looks at the world a certain way. It’s very easy to fall into one way of thinking about things, but I think people’s different backgrounds give me different opportunities to analyze the world. There are a lot of problems that I care about, and I don’t know the best way to fix them yet. I think people’s different backgrounds give me opportunities to do that.” — Jesse Sasser, Civic Leaders Center student, Policy Analysis major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Corben Andrews


“I really want to just get through college and go to grad school. From there, I actually really want to – as crazy as it sounds – ride my bike around the world and travel that way to experience new things and meet new people to find myself. If I find myself someplace else, I’ll just go with it. I understand that we need to contribute to society, but our system has put upon us this idea that we need to do these certain things: have a big house, have a car, go to school, and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have a good life. To me success in life does not have a monetary value. ”– Corben Andrews, Civic Leaders Center student, Environmental Science major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Emily Dwight


“I joined the Redsteppers both as an artistic outlet for myself and as a way to get involved. Those things have always been important to me, so it was nice to bring them into college. Redsteppers is very different from what I expected. It’s a lot more focused on the team rather than the individual. It’s more about precision and performance than wowing. The wow factor comes from the precision and unity.” — Emily Dwight, Civic Leaders Center student, Law and Public Policy major, Arts Management major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Eric Gu


“I have seen people who experience major culture shock upon arriving here. I experienced the same culture shock, but I was in high school and had a close family to help me through everything. In college, you are all on your own trying to figure out everything and keeping your grades up. I want to create policies and opportunities for international students to get used to the environment a lot quicker by promoting the Bloomington Worldwide Friendship program. The cultural exchange is super useful for international students because then they feel more like home and comfortable communicating with other students.” — Eric Gu, Civic Leaders Center student, Policy Analysis major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Daniel DeTorrice


“I wasn’t part of the Civic Leaders to begin with, and my favorite part has been moving here. I’ve kind of had an outside look. I noticed everybody’s a lot closer than I’ve seen anywhere else on campus as far as residence halls are concerned. Everybody believes in similar things in terms of positive change, engagement, and getting involved. I think that’s really cool.” — Daniel DeTorrice, Civic Leaders Center Student, Healthcare Management and Policy major