Faces of the CLC – Emilee Brown


“Imagine walking into a huge room with hundreds upon hundreds of screaming college students who are super, super passionate about helping little kids. So as soon as you walk in the energy is incredible, and it is so inspiring when a bunch of young college kids make service a priority in their life. The fact that they decided they wanted to dedicate an entire weekend to something that is such a great cause. You spend some hours running around and singing and dancing and going crazy and then for a few more hours maybe you are hanging out with kids and interacting with them. They can paint your face and you can go on the blow-up toys with them. The kids are just so happy to be there. One of the kids told me that he looks forward to IUDM more than he looks forward to Christmas.”

Emilee Brown

Civic Leaders Center student

Majors:  Mathematics and Environmental Sustainability


Faces of the CLC – Reagan White


“I was born and raised in Bloomington, so I grew up with IU right in my backyard. My passion for community service and civic citizenship found its home in the Civic Leaders Center, where I’m surrounded by a diverse group of people who still share similar interests and values. As the daughter of a former elected official, I was raised knowing the importance of giving back to my community and the affect civic duty plays in our everyday lives. Being a part of this LLC has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and for that, I will be forever thankful.”

Reagan White

Civic Leaders Center student

Major: Elementary Education

Minors: Law & Public Policy and Human & Family Development

Faces of the CLC – Matt Woolf


“I grew up outside of Chicago, then moved and went to high school in Fishers, Indiana. I really enjoy living in the Civic Leaders Center and serving as the Council Chair. As Council Chair, I work with a team of executive officers to plan events for our LLC. I facilitate our meetings and represent the CLC in other meetings. It’s been a lot of fun so far and an experience that has made me feel like I’m at home.”

Matt Woolf

Civic Leaders Center student

CLC Executive Council: Council Chair

Major: Media Advertising

Minor: Sustainable Business

Faces of the CLC – Drew Ficociello


“I ran for the Director of Programming position because I love planning events and creating a united community for people. I’m so dedicated to the Civic Leaders Center because I have a deep aspiration to work in politics and be engaged politically with my peers. It’s the perfect combination of doing the things I love. I’ve been able to plan and manage election and debate watch parties for the LLC, and I think those are a favorite of the Civic Leaders.”

Drew Ficociello

Civic Leaders Center student

CLC Executive Council: Director of Programming

Major: Law and Public Policy

Faces of the CLC – Connor Randol


“Aside from my briscoe-kart days and the many other adventures I’ve had with the Civic Leaders, one of the greatest experiences I have had was working alongside Destiny Rescue, a nonprofit fighting to end child sexual exploitation and slavery. As a student advocate for the organization, I was able to lead a fundraiser at my high school, with the majority of the 200 students in my high school involved, that provided $18,000 of funding for the rescuing, rehabilitation and restoration, protection, and empowerment for 11 girls in Thailand.”

Connor Randol

Civic Leaders Center student

Major: Human Resource Management

Minor: Non-Profit Management

Faces of the CLC – Isabel Mishkin


“I’m in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), and we work with students and the community to talk about mental illness and understand the effects of it on families and the community. We work together to combat the stigma behind it. I’m actually trying to plan a NAMI presentation for Civic Leaders to bring together both organizations because Civic Leaders has so many open minds. I have a much greater appreciation for the IU community who are trying to get involved with this and a shifted perspective on what it means to be in the IU community and even as a person in society because there are so many people who are interested and have the same passions as me.”

Isabel Mishkin

Civic Leaders Center student

Major: Nonprofit Management

Faces of the CLC – Blake Hesch


“In the future, I see myself working for an advocacy group for social and racial justice. Growing up, I’ve seen underprivileged kids in my community and how hard it is for them to reach their full potential when people don’t give them a chance. I went to a middle class high school with a seemingly small percentage of poverty. In my junior and senior year, we did a study and found out that a lot of kids aren’t coming to school with the nutrition and food they really need, other than what they were provided during lunch. A group of kids and I in student council organized a food drive throughout the year to help those students who need food that isn’t provided by the school. I wanted to increase opportunities for them and their cause, but it also inspired me to want to work toward implementing public policy in congress to pass reform on criminal justice and education.”

Blake Hesch

Civic Leaders Center student

Major: Law and Public Policy

Minor: Spanish