Faces of Civic Leaders: Eric Gu


“I have seen people who experience major culture shock upon arriving here. I experienced the same culture shock, but I was in high school and had a close family to help me through everything. In college, you are all on your own trying to figure out everything and keeping your grades up. I want to create policies and opportunities for international students to get used to the environment a lot quicker by promoting the Bloomington Worldwide Friendship program. The cultural exchange is super useful for international students because then they feel more like home and comfortable communicating with other students.” — Eric Gu, Civic Leaders Center student, Policy Analysis major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Daniel DeTorrice


“I wasn’t part of the Civic Leaders to begin with, and my favorite part has been moving here. I’ve kind of had an outside look. I noticed everybody’s a lot closer than I’ve seen anywhere else on campus as far as residence halls are concerned. Everybody believes in similar things in terms of positive change, engagement, and getting involved. I think that’s really cool.” — Daniel DeTorrice, Civic Leaders Center Student, Healthcare Management and Policy major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Olivia Ranseen


“[As a 2020 Sustainability Scholar] I’ve been working with Paul Brunner, the technical director at IU Theater, to implement different sustainable strategies. For instance, we used to go through 800 batteries; we now go through 24 a year, which I think is a huge improvement. This project has definitely shown me a different way to look at the world. I used to be very set in my ways; I knew I wanted to be an environmental lawyer, but now everything is up in the air. I’ve discovered that I have more interests than just law and that’s what this project has done for me. It has shown me that I have so many more opportunities than what I had set out. ” — Olivia Ranseen, Civic Leaders Center student, Environmental Management and Spanish major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Molly Connor


“[Hearing the preliminary results from the student government election] was probably the highlight of college for me. We were all together when the election commissioner called. When he announced the votes, the room erupted. People were crying and jumping and hugging each other. It was surreal because we’ve worked so hard to make this ticket. All of our work came into fruition, and I got to share that with an amazing group of people. The IUSA intern class quickly became some of my best friends on campus, simply because they are some of the smartest, most passionate individuals that I’ve ever met.” — Molly Connor, Civic Leaders Center student, Public Management major, Law and Public Policy minor, Spanish minor

Faces of Civic Leaders: Lauren Harter


“Traveling is something that’s really important to me and definitely shaped who I am. This summer I’m studying abroad in Bonaire. I’m going with SPEA for my environmental management degree and designing my own research project. I’m going to be working with a woman who puts values on ecosystems – protecting the environment by quantifying its value. I’m really excited to travel again.” — Lauren Harter, Civic Leaders Center student, Public Policy Analysis and Environmental Management major

Faces of Civic Leaders: Lauren Britt


“Two weeks before I came to school, I got in a serious accident where I ended up with a pretty bad concussion. It was a hard time because I had to move into school after it happened. I had never really been in a situation where I felt that alone, but once I asked for help, I realized that I wasn’t. It was about finding the people who did care and were willing to take the time to get to the root of the problem with me. I learned that it’s okay to ask for help if you need it, and if you ask for help from the right people, you will get it almost every time.” — Lauren Britt, Civic Leaders Center student, Healthcare Management and Policy major