Meet the Civic Leaders: Tatiana Padilla

October 4, 2013.

Tatiana 1Tatiana Padilla is a law and public policy major through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She is also pursuing minors in Spanish and international affairs. Tatiana, a first-generation Colombian immigrant, is from Munster, Indiana, where she attended Munster High School. She and her mother moved to the United States when Tatiana was five years old, living various other places prior to settling in Munster. “My mom has made many decisions that I’m not sure I could have made if I were in her shoes,” said Tatiana, which makes her mom the biggest role model in her life.

With her international experience and interests in law, Tatiana aspires to be an immigration attorney or an ambassador to another nation – preferably a Latin American country – for the United States. She would like to focus her legal studies on immigration or environmental law.

Stress and expectations are what motivates Tatiana to reach her high goals and do her best. “I think I have a good mentality to achieve my goals. But there is no real end point to motivation: you are supposed to keep going.” But she also taking in every experience life brings her. “Everything happens for a reason,” she said. “There’s a plan, you just have to go with it.”Tatiana 2

During the first weeks at Indiana University, Tatiana has enjoyed meeting many new people. “I love meeting all the people in Civic Leaders. Not just the adults we meet, but the people on our floor. They all care about the same things I do.” Tatiana also loves that there is always something to do on campus. “There is always something going on, even if it’s going to the gym. You can’t get bored here.” She serves on the Civic Leaders Center Leadership Council, which plans and organizes events for the living-learning community. Tatiana would like to visit many places around the world, but her top three locations to see are Egypt, France, and Antarctica.“Even though it’s cold [in Antarctica], it would be great to see a full day of light and a full day of night,” she said.

Author: Emily Ernsberger (Civic Leaders Center Member, Journalism Major)


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