#CLCinGreece – Taking a Step Back – Lauren J’s Experience

FullSizeRender.jpgSomehow we have already reached our final Friday in Greece and I cannot believe we only have a few days left. After three weeks of immersion in Greek life, I almost forget that this adventure has an expiration date. This morning in class we discussed the meaning of slavery in ancient Greece and Professor Helmke asked for our observations of ways that slavery persists in the world today. We also reflected on the treatment and rights of women, trying to compare historical expectations with our observations of women in Greece throughout our time here. We have definitely noticed a discrepancy between the number of women and men in roles of position and power. Female members of our class reflected on the way they feel in public here compared to the United States.

After a busy week of afternoon trips and speakers, we had the rest of the day to ourselves. Some went to the beach and a few visited the Temple of Poseidon, but I joined those who stayed on campus. I put in a load of laundry and sat on the apartment balcony to work on my journal entries for class. I spent more time talking with friends than being productive, but I think I needed those conversations as well. Our reflections covered the trip, freshman year, how we’ve changed in the past year, and more. We all expressed our amazement at the way time has opened more doors and changed our perspectives.


The evening was quiet around the residence, but some of us went to Tsi Tsi for dinner. We went our separate ways earlier than usual tonight in order to prepare for an early departure for the island cruise tomorrow. Although today might appear uneventful, it’s the kind of day that places us alongside everyday Athenians and reminds me that even the greatest adventure requires a little recovery.


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